Five Questions You Might Be Asking about ScholarOne Manuscripts

In honor of Peer Review Week 2016, we’re taking a look at some of the questions you might have about ScholarOne Manuscripts.

  1. What is ScholarOne Manuscripts?

    ScholarOne Manuscripts is web-based software for manuscript submission, peer review, and tracking for scholarly publishers. It’s a customizable, workflow-based solution with automation capabilities to enable you to move from submission to decision more quickly and efficiently.

  2. Are we too small of a publisher or society to use ScholarOne?

    More than 6,000 journal titles use ScholarOne Manuscripts. Some of these are from large publishers with many journals and thousands of submissions annually, but many of these customers are smaller publishers with fewer than 100 submissions each year. Because pricing is based on your volume of submissions, you can have an affordable and scalable solution that grows with you.

  3. Will it be more efficient for our internal staff?

    Instead of juggling your submissions and reviews through email and spreadsheets, you can know who has the ball at every stage in your editorial process. With a customized, automated workflow solution, you and your staff can spend less time reminding reviewers and more time on the bigger picture.

    When Future Science Group (in partnership with J&J Editorial) switched 31 journal titles from their own in-house system to ScholarOne Manuscripts, they saw a 27% decrease in the total staff hours spent on peer review per day (from 31.30 hours with their in-house system to 22.95 hours with ScholarOne). They concluded:

    “The total time spent on peer review by editorial staff for all journals decreased, and the majority of individual journals also saw a decrease in editorial staff time spent on peer review.”

    “Despite this initial time investment, we experienced an overall increase in efficiency, a decrease in the number of external programs necessary for the peer review process, and a significant time savings.”

  4. Will it also be easy for our authors and reviewers?

    You know that providing a streamlined and overall positive experience for your authors and reviewers is essential for your journal.

    With ScholarOne Manuscripts, you can set the expectations for both reviewers and authors at the beginning, so there is no mystery about what they need to provide and when. Authors and reviewers will receive automated email notifications at each stage of the process, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Reviewers can even accept or reject review requests through email and easily access manuscripts for reviewing with no need to remember their log in credentials.

  5. Is it a one-size fits all system?

    With over 2,500 configuration options, you can customize ScholarOne Manuscripts to be the right fit for your editorial needs – whether your process has 10 steps or one. Furthermore, our support staff can help you set up a workflow process based on our knowledge of best practices or what you know works for you.

Learn more about ScholarOne Manuscripts and find out what else is going on for Peer Review Week.


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