Power biopharma innovation through dealmaking

The Dealmaker’s Playbook puts competitive insights, market trends, and industry updates side by side for an in-depth view on the biopharma landscape

The good times are rolling for the life sciences as dealmaking continues unimpeded. But how do you stay on top of trends and deals? And how do you identify early stage opportunities?

The Dealmaker’s Playbook draws on BioWorld, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence, and Recap to give you the full picture on the potential deals across the life sciences.



Find the right partner by looking at who is publishing, patenting, developing, investing in your area of focus.

Only Cortellis covers the complete competitive landscape: from early patenting and discovery stage programs to late-stage development.

  • Company profiles: descriptions of your competitors’ areas of focus, financial state, drug pipelines, and listings of significant partnerships and drug licensing deals
  • Deals: including financial terms, milestones, timelines and relevant drugs and patents associated with each deal



Take a closer look at your potential partners, their overlapping programs, and their past deals.

  • Locate potential partnership opportunities and conduct due diligence
  • Identify potential partners based on development and regulatory performance
  • Evaluate the right time to license your asset in the drug development process



Keep up with the latest biopharma news from around the world, so you’re sure to be fully informed when you meet with partners.

  • Written by an award-winning editorial team, BioWorld is the go-to source for busy executives who need to keep on top of global biopharma breaking news
  • Quickly assess market size by patient populations worldwide, and monitor trends in the market landscape with the Incidence and Prevalence Database (IPD)



Assess comparable deals in depth, including contracts filed with the US SEC and versions showing previously redacted dollar amounts.

With more than 40,000 deal records updated daily, Recap has the deepest reserve of content to ensure you’re making the most informed decisions.

  • Determine how much an asset is worth
  • Determine which type of transaction is best for you
  • Compare market-based deal terms for different types of transactions
  • Compare deals to find market rates for royalties, transfer prices, and profit splits

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