Columbia Sportswear Wins Reflective Patent Lawsuit

Columbia Sportswear scored a big win in their case over heat reflective material.

On August 10, the United States District Court for the District of Oregon found that Seirus Innovation Accessories infringed on Columbia’s patented Omni-Heat Reflective products.

Seirus, who released its own HeatWave product line, was found to have had a “striking visual similarity” and “likely confuse an ordinary observer” according to the court. As a result, summary judgment was granted to Columbia.

For Columbia, it’s a major win, and a huge victory for their patent strategy. Having their patent upheld in court demonstrates the strength of their application and intellectual property, two elements that are sure to be celebrated by the company in the wake of the court’s finding. In the ultra-competitive and highly-nuanced apparel world, it’s not always guaranteed that IP will hold up, and Columbia has withstood the stress test.

Seirus, on the other hand, now stands to be on the hook for a huge financial sum, one that could put the company in serious jeopardy. Once again, it goes to show how important an exhaustive patent search and lock-down strategy is to companies, and unfortunately for Seirus, they’re about to learn the hard way.