Cite it Right!

A bibliography is much more than a formality. Readers can tell a great deal about you by your bibliography. An accurate bibliography can go miles for your credibility by showing readers the depth and thoroughness of your research. Readers can also learn what ideas have influenced your writing, what ideas you’re addressing, and where they can go to learn more about your subject. Bibliographies can also serve as a form of protection, should the plagiarism police ever come knocking . Readers can tell so much from this not-so-unimportant section, so make sure you’re citing it right!


Unlike a works cited, a bibliography lists all the resources used in your work—not just the ones you have cited directly. Although this may seem like a small difference to the untrained eye, it’s an important distinction. Instead of discussing the sources of the facts, quotes, and ideas in your works, as in a works cited, a bibliography allows you to convey the intellectual setting for your book or paper.


A bibliography assists in putting a writer’s work in context, which allows readers to fully grasp the importance of your ideas. A full and accurate bibliography is the final waypoint on the road to informative and well-respected writing. A well formatted bibliography can provide interested readers recommendations on where to further their interests as well as anything they need to know about well-respected writings.


The bibliography can provide so much information to readers and can spark interest and curiosity into many new topics, which goes to show that this piece of your writing is more than just a formality. Accurate bibliographies can do so much for credibility, and it is definitely something you do not want to overlook. So next time you’re getting ready to publish a work, be sure to double check to cite it right!