Autonomous driving by 2020? Not so fast

How close are we to having our driveways and highways packed with futuristic, self-driving cars? Not quite as close as recent reports have led us to believe.

Auto manufacturers and industry analysts alike have been making big prognostications about fleets featuring completely self-driving cars by 2020. But our own Anthony Trippe, Senior Analyst, IP & Science Business, recently told Automotive World that it’s going to be a while before autonomous vehicles have made serious inroads.

“The bottom line is essentially that autonomous driving has been around for a while… It is not a new thing, and Google did not invent it,” Tripp told the publication.

He added that while established OEMs “are doing quite well” at developing these vehicles, “it does not mean that they cannot learn anything new from these new entrants, although they have the situation pretty well in hand.”

To develop a snapshot of the industry, Trippe analyzed patent data from our Derwent World Patents Index, the most authorities and accurate patent database. Read the full industry analysis: The 2016 State of Self-Driving Automotive Innovation.

Want more insight from Trippe on this topic? He will be speaking at Autonomous Car Detroit by Automotive Megatrends on March 16, 2015.
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