Beginning on October 3rd, in a tradition that now stretches back 115 years, a small group of scientists will gain worldwide acclaim when the Nobel Prizes are announced. And each year leading up to the Nobel Prize, Thomson Reuters selects an elite roster of Citation Laureates – researchers whose advances have earned quantifiable esteem and wielded unusually strong influence in the scientific community.

The Citation Laureates are selected based on an analysis of Web of Science publication and citation data. They have been cited so often in the last two or more decades that these scientists typically rank in the top 0.1% by citations in their research areas.

In the last 14 years, 39 of the selected researchers have gone on to win the prize. Will we get it right this year? See the 2016 Citation Laureates and cast a vote for who you think is most likely to win a 2016 Nobel Prize.

No matter the result come October 3, we congratulate the new Citation Laureates and are pleased to honor the impact of their contributions.