A VIVO Registered Service Provider

The funding landscape is more competitive than ever before. Many funders are encouraging their grantees to collaborate more and studies have found that collaborative research receives more citations1.


 How can you find collaborators? 

One way is to promote your research through a research portal. VIVO is an open source, web application aimed at integrating and sharing information about researchers and institutions to support collaboration and discovery. It provides a showcase for an organization’s research accomplishments to ensure that potential collaborators, funders, and industry partners are aware of your expertise.

An avid partner, we have been supporting the VIVO community for years, beginning with the first conference in 2010. This summer we expanded this relationship by becoming a VIVO Registered Service Provider.  As a Registered Service Provider, we help organizations implement and extend VIVO to meet their needs through data services and complementary software like Web of Science™, InCites™, and Converis™.

When starting to use VIVO, many struggle to populate researcher profiles with robust, reliable publication lists. The Web of Science™ Core Collection offers a useful source for this type of publication metadata since it covers a multidisciplinary collection of peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and books in one database.  Through APIs, this metadata from over 12,500 journals and other sources can be easily integrated into VIVO. To make it even easier, we have developed an open source toolkit to help you transfer your data. 


Externalizing your research

Show the impact of your research to potential collaborators and funders by adding Web of Science “times cited” count to your publications. You can also use other tools to support your faculty reporting activities and send electronic CVs to the VIVO research portal to enhance your profiles. Let our experts help you to implement, populate, maintain, and customize VIVO to meet your institution’s needs.

Come talk to us at the upcoming VIVO conference August 17-19 in Denver, Colorado to learn more about our VIVO services, or contact us.

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1- Lariviere, V., et al. "Team size matters: Collaboration and scientific impact since 1900." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 66.7 (2015): 1323-32.