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Bring Thomson Reuters content directly into the applications that your researchers use every day. Cortellis™ Informatics is a collection of Web Services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which call information from our market-leading Life Sciences solutions: and feeds it straight into the systems that drive your business.

The APIs enable you to search, browse and analyze Thomson Reuters information in combination with your own and/or third-party data to build comprehensive and unique applications that inform the decision making in your business.

Features & Benefits

  • Create data-driven competitive intelligence dashboards
  • Perform analytics on data that spans the entire drug development process
  • Automatically pull content into presentations, collaboration portals, etc.
  • Generate comprehensive information resources for workgroups


For more information on Cortellis Informatics and to join our API community:

  • Developer Center - our API community, free to join, connect with other API developers and get up to date information
  • Cortellis Labs - our demo site, showcasing applications developed using our APIs that cater to the diverse needs of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries

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